"providing high performance sports planning and training expertise to individual athletes and high performance training centres, sports federations and governmental sports organisations"


Dr Gebhard Gritsch is an Austrian sports performance consultant, and from 2009 - 2017, the fitness coach and consultant to the Serbian tennis professional Novak Djokovic.  

Gebhard Gritsch studied Sports Science and Sports Management at the Universities of Innsbruck and Vienna and obtained his masters degree in 1985. In 1994 Gritsch earned his PhD from the University of Vienna, with his sports science based dissertation “Handbook for player development: From the talented junior to the tennis professional”.

Gritsch has over 20 years experience in high performance tennis player development, including as National Coach in the Philippines and Indonesia. In New Zealand, he worked as Head Coach for the Central Region, and as High Performance Consultant to the New Zealand Academy of Sports.  

Recently Gritsch has mainly been recognized for his contribution to the success of Novak Djokovic’s professional career, including through providing sports scientific based training and a balanced, holistic performance management approach to both training and competition.

Gritsch will soon publish a book titled “High Performance Tennis Training - Creation of a Champion” which culminates both his academic learning and his 20+ years experience in high performance player development, including as high performance consultant and fitness trainer to Novak Djokovic. 

Gebhard Gritsch provides high performance sports planning expertise and training to individual athletes, high performance training centres, sports federations and governmental sports organizations.

"helping athletes reach their ultimate potential in competitive sports"








“I’m so grateful to Marian and (fitness coach) Gebhard Gritsch for coming back, coming to join me again to help me to get to where I am at the moment, it’s really nice of them.”

  Reuters Sports News  July 2018


"Erfolgreiches Trainersymposium"

   Schigymnasium Stams   Mai 2018


"Djokovic vertraut in der Krise wieder einem Österreicher"

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"... backroom reunion" 

     Express UK April 2018


"ÖTV-Fortbildung in Salzburg  In Rif referierten u.a. Gebhard Gritsch"

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"Gebhard Gritsch steht dem neuen Coach Support Center vor"

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"Acht Jahre lang ist Sportwissenschaftler Gebhard Gritsch mit Novak Djokovic um die Welt gereist..."

    Die Welt, Juni 2017


"Gebhard Gritsch, recognized as one of the best (if not the best) fitness coaches in the world..."

   Tennis World USA, May 2017 


"Novak Djokovic and fitness coach Gebhard Gritsch had "mutually agreed" to "end their successful and long-term partnership".

   BBC.com, UK, May 2017


"Doskozil statt Djokovic?"

    Die Presse, Austria, November 2016


 “.. the most remarkable changes in Djokovic’s durability have come since he appointed Gebhard Phil-Gritsch as his fitness trainer six years ago.”

    The Independent, UK, November 2015


"Gebhard Gritsch über ... Potenzial"

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“Djokovic’s secret weapon” “Gebhard Gritsch is the brains behind Novak Djokovic’s fitness program”    

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“Djokovic’s incredible 2011 season was underlined by his astonishing improvement physically, a result of his work with PhilGritsch.”

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“Gebhard Gritsch: Der Djokovic-Macher"

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 “In hiring Phil-Gritsch,..Djokovic has shown a determination to improve upon an area which had been a weakness in the past.”

    The Independent, UK, October 2009